Things are going well for Sparks and his tube amp business. Two days ago, he sold three of them while he slept. He has been cloistered in his workshop, building new ones, and at night a row of them glows softly on the shelf, burning in. One of The Names In The Field emailed him to ask for advice. He has an article coming out in a magazine next month. On a forum, not the one he operates but a different one, someone to whom he had replied happily posted that he’d heard from The Man Himself.

So I’m toying with the idea of referring to Sparks, henceforward, as Himself. Which would make me Herself, which I like. And that makes Mimi The Daughter Of The House.

Outlander fans will be gratified to know that Himself frequently smells of charcoal smoke and single malt.


Himself in his workshop in the early morn. He usually gets up at 4:30.

2 thoughts on “Himself

  1. It’s so lovely and wonderful when doing what you love actually pays off. Congratulations to Sparks! Or rather, Himself.

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