Snowbound, and thanks





It is day 3 stuck in the house. On Saturday Mimi and I went to the mall, rode the merry-go-round, played on the playground, found some good clearance deals on bigger jeans for her, ate pretzel nuggets, and sat in awe as the power went out for the whole mall. The storm didn’t hit until that evening, but I think the power company was re-routing things in preparation for it.

We woke up on Hoth on Sunday morning, like I said we would. The snow came down all day nonstop, blowing horizontal. The temperature was still in the teens, though, so Sparks and Mimi went outside to break a path to the neighbors’ house and see if they were home. They weren’t.

On Monday, yesterday, highways leading out of our village were either on “emergency travel only” status or completely closed by drifting snow. The high temperature was -9F. We didn’t dream of going out. Only Sparks bundled up, in the late afternoon, to clear the driveway. The furnace ran nonstop and the bedrooms never got about 61F. When I went into Mimi’s room late last night, it was 54F in there.

Today I had hoped things would be better. The temperature is already getting close to 0 and supposed to top out around 10. The road condition map in our area is still all red, though, meaning roads are completely covered with snow and ice. “Major roads” in the area are closed, whatever that means. I think it means we aren’t going anywhere today.

Mimi is ripping through my supply of paint-with-water books. Movies are playing constantly, but she doesn’t pay attention to them. She begs to go outside and we have to say no (well, maybe late this afternoon, when the temperature is near 10, we will). I tried tossing boiling water out the front door and yes, it turned to icy powder.

The owls are from Laura, who follows me on Pinterest and knows what I like. The foxes are from my mother’s friend Kathryn who also follows me on Pinterest. Thank you Laura and Kathryn! One can’t have too many woodsy animals.

One thought on “Snowbound, and thanks

  1. Does she like being read to? Maybe you could play “Laura Ingalls Wilder” by reading parts of “The Long Winter.” Perhaps wanting to grind her own wheat in a coffee grinder, trying to twist straw, and blowing on baked beans to watch their skins curl would keep her busy? With buckwheat pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast.

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