Winter projects







The snow began this morning and will keep going until long after dark tonight. The temperature will drop 50 degrees in the next 24 hours. I told Mimi that we live on Hoth and that the cat is her tauntaun. She hasn’t seen the Star Wars movies yet, so she ignored me.

My mother quilted my quilt top from last winter, hooray! It’s good to know that I have a backup plan, should quilting my own tops go pear-shaped. As it did with this top. I actually had the thing halfway bound before deciding my own job was a disaster and tearing it all apart… thus the squares on the sides have lost some of their original size.

My mother also made the tote for me. I have another that I’ve been using as my knitting tote, and it’s just perfect. The right size to hold a lot of yarn and a project or two, with plenty of interior pockets for scissors, chibi, calculator, all that good stuff. I wanted one to be matchy-matchy with my winter color scheme, though, so I gave my mother the fabric and she obliged me by making another. Merry Christmas to me!

The yarn was bought with Christmas money. My plans–it’s always my plans, so rarely my execution of the plans–are to knit single but very beautiful mittens to put out for display. Because Single Mitten Syndrome doesn’t alliterate but is an equally real problem.

And the freezer paper stencils. Hmmmmmmm. I hadn’t ever done applique until earlier this week when I made the gingham heart placemats from this blog’s previous post. Now I am full of hubris. I plan to use fabrics I already have.


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