The @%$&#! cold day








Eight below this morning. A predicted low of fifteen below this weekend. Mimi never made it to school yesterday, the roads were just too disgusting and it didn’t stop snowing until afternoon. Listen, Ned Stark, winter done came.


2 thoughts on “The @%$&#! cold day

  1. Oh, those muffins look good! What kind are they? And I love the heart sprinkles. I am already starting to think about Valentine’s day. Ok, it sounds crazy cold where you are. We barely got above freezing here today. Stay warm!

  2. Those are Magic Muffins from the recipe on the Malt-o-Meal box. My mother made them for me when I was a little girl. They’re the best. I thought it was cold when I wrote that post… on Monday our HIGH temperature is supposed to be -10F.

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