2014 so far



In the early morning of January 1, 2014 I woke up with my brain full of a sleep-crafted literary analysis of the Outlander books. We all knew I was obsessed, but I really just wanted to go back to sleep. More than an hour later I finally did.

When I woke up in the morning Mimi and I got ready to go to Target, which has become a New Year’s Day tradition for us. We went, even though she is no longer very patient with me while I examine the office supplies. I kept telling her to be a patient girl and we could stop at a certain fast food restaurant for a certain fast food meal that comes with a toy. She did well, I thoroughly examined the Moleskine notebooks and found them too dear, and we headed out. We stopped at said restaurant to obtain said meal, then went home.

Where we found out that instead of containing four chicken nuggets, her meal contained a chicken nugget box full of special sauce. Mimi’s face crumpled and she began pleading with me to not make her eat it.

It sounds silly now, but I went into full Mama Bear mode. My only thought was that it was a deliberate prank, and somebody was going to pay. Also, my little girl was going to get her nuggets. By the time I got back to the restaurant I was shaking with anger and the teenage boys behind the counter scattered like ptarmigan ahead of me, pushing forward the manager, who had realized the problem already and hastily scooped an extra-large portion of nuggets into a bag, assuring me that the perpetrators had been thoroughly hollered out. I took the nuggets back to my little girl and eventually calmed down. I’m glad I didn’t say anything rotten while I was angry, but I’m impressed with myself for having the emotional depth to get as angry as I did.

I spent the rest of the day reading up on bookbinding, because I want notebooks to write down my midnight literary analyses but don’t want to pay Moleskine prices for them. Last night I slept solidly through the night.

And this morning it is snowing and the road condition map in our area is all red. We decided to put Mimi on a school delay. Right now she is poking under my elbow asking to type letters on my computer. So happy new year, everyone. May we all find our inner Mama Bear this year.

2 thoughts on “2014 so far

  1. Sorry about your tribulations! Our nearest eatery of that sort is Inverness- a 2 hour ferry journey and then 3 hours on by road- but we always had to stop when my daughter was small.
    I made a small book last year- using what bookbinding I could glean and manage- with painted wooden covers and a leather spine- there are pictures on my Pinterest page. Good luck with your journal making

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