Folded star trivet




I used this tutorial, though I cut 4″ strips from a jelly roll instead of using squares of fabric, and I used eight colors. If I were to make another–and I might, I like this one so much–I’d use only six colors and cut the strips 6″ long. The more colors you use, the longer the folded edges get, and since I was only folding down about 1/4″ I worry about the stability of this one. I certainly won’t put it through the washer’s “heavy” setting.

I wanted a sweet mat to rest my little teapot on. I have been making tea every day since the weather got cold. This pot makes just enough for each of us to have a cup–Mimi’s is half milk. Healthier than soda, right?

Speaking of Mimi, she has a fever and slept in till 9:00 today, then asked to go back to bed at 11:00. If you know her, you know that this is unprecedented. Big fluffy flakes of snow are falling on top of the foot of snow that’s already out there. A good day to stay inside, drink tea, and sew.

3 thoughts on “Folded star trivet

  1. My favorite tea is Marco Polo by Mariage Freres, but because my husband is drinking the tea also and objects to frou frou, we’ve been making Twinings English Breakfast. I like Irish Breakfast better but can’t buy it loose in a tin at my grocery store.

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