One thousand posts

This is my one thousandth post on Snapdragons. I began this blog on June 12, 2007 and have posted on average every 2.368 days. It’s very nearly six and a half years of my life. I have worked my first full-time job, moved states, bought and sold a house, adopted a cat, renovated a house, gotten engaged and married, turned 30, and had a daughter (plus five little fireflies, alas). Life then hadn’t begun–no garden, no household, no family of my own. And now life is very much under way. Time has been good to me.

Around the time I started this blog I was crying in bed because I was afraid of the job and the move, afraid of being a stranger in a strange place. Last night I cried in bed because my little pookie is going to turn three this spring. Birthdays one and two didn’t affect me; they were more a relief than anything. Mimi was born wanting to party. At almost-three, she’s there, she can Do The Things, no more waiting for her to be the person she’s wanted to be since the hour she was born. And I remember being three. I remember turning three. I remember my third birthday party. She really is growing up. For real.




2 thoughts on “One thousand posts

  1. My daughter’s fourth birthday really hit me hard. I think I cried for two weeks, and I still have my moments. I never knew that being a mom I would be so emotional, but I am. I find myself crying when I look back at here baby photos. I wish she could stay little forever. I just want to always be there to protect her and keep her safe. I love my little girl dearly… and I know you feel the same about your daughter.

  2. Congragulations on your one thousandth post. Your blog has been a source of joy and inspiration three years now. My babies are all in their twenties and I feel the same…why won’t time be still for us mamas who aren’t ready for time to go so fast?l

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