Snowvember? SnoMG?






No, we haven’t gotten a substantial snowfall here yet. There was an inch one morning, and Mimi put on her snow boots and made footprints on the front porch but was afraid to walk in the grass. It melted in the afternoon sun. There have been flakes in the air plenty of times already, though, and I think we have plenty of snow ahead of us this winter. Maybe we will have a white Christmas.

Sparks and I have discovered Famous Grouse, apparently the best-selling blended Scotch whisky in Scotland. It is smooth. I have never been in the habit of drinking any kind of spirit neat, but I can drink this. My New Year’s Resolution is to put on my big girl pants and learn to like it, so there I am pouring myself a finger every afternoon. My daily lesson.

I think my brain is cataloguing it as a winter taste. Hot tea with milk, clementine oranges, cinnamon toast, pecans on oatmeal, and Scotch.

I found the Moravian star at Pier 1 Imports. I’ve always admired them, but the glass and metal ones are usually light-fixture size and expensive. This little one was easy on the wallet and can, if I want, hold a tea candle. Sweet.

Thankgiving. Sparks styles himself as a contrarian and individualist, and has rebelled against turkey. We are having spiral-sliced ham, macaroni and cheese, green beans, sweet potato pie, and gooseberry pie for our little Thanksgiving dinner. I should bake bread, too. I have pistachios, goat cheese with nice crackers, and a relish tray for nibbles. Mimi loves relish trays and gets so excited, she’ll take one bite out of a vegetable and be on to the next one–if she isn’t watched. She has been taking naps this week, praise be. She is asleep right now. Sparks and I are drinking tea and sitting at our computers.

I should put a cloth on the table for Thanksgiving. And use nice dishes. The wedding-ring ones maybe.

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