Warmed over







So October was pretty much a wash for me. I was pregnant. Then I wasn’t pregnant. Then I went on Metformin because a doctor thought I had PCOS. Then I was so sick on Metformin I couldn’t function. Then another doctor said I had no earthly business taking Metformin because I don’t appear to have PCOS. Then it took a week to recover from the Metformin, and at the same time I had a lingering head and chest cold that I just. Can’t. Get. Over.


Yesterday, after sleeping without Nyquil, I woke up feeling human for the first time in a month. Snuffly and coughing yes, but not woozy or queasy or lightheaded or nauseous or faint. I got Mimi ready, did laundry, baked quiche, went shopping, and took two walks like a boss. This morning Mimi and I went to the mall, and looked through all of our stores, played on the playground, shared pretzel sticks, and rode the merry-go-round. It feels so good to feel good again. Thank heavens.

All this down time–all those hours when I was supposed to be watching Mimi but just couldn’t, so parked her with her dad or with Disney instead, I sat in bed and read. Having time to read is one of the most delicious luxuries for me. You understand that in the first year or so of Mimi’s life, given a chance to sit still and undisturbed, I always chose to sleep. Last fall though I began to read again. I read through George R R Martin’s Game Of Thrones series. I read some John Irving books. I read some Charles Bukowski books. I read the Wool series. And right now, I am hip-deep in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. And I’m kinda sorta into it. While Mimi and I take our walks or drive to Target, I’m mulling over questions like “would it be fun to learn Scots Gaelic?” or “would it be fun to play the small pipes?” or “should I buy a shirt that says Dinna Fash?”

And Halloween is over so it is officially “okay” to be planning and plotting for the holidays. Yesterday afternoon I made a triumphant tour of all the local craft stores. Oh, I have some ideas, yes I have some ideas indeed.

3 thoughts on “Warmed over

  1. Even though I usually hate the way modern society starts hoping for Christmas way too early and that I should be enjoying the run-up to Thanksgiving, I totally tested out a batch of cookies today that were on my “to-do” list of Christmas cookies. And I find myself humming christmas tunes without even trying. It’s bad. Why is there no good Thanksgiving music?

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