This family marches on its stomach



It’s so good having Sparks home all day. For many reasons. One being that he eats food at home all day, instead of eating at work. That means that when I make a big batch of something, it’s more likely to be eaten post-haste. And that makes me happy.

His mother lent me her Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine. Sparks remembers it from his childhood, so it is vintage seventies if not sixties, but it still runs like a mule and does a stellar job of kneading bread dough. And so I am making bread. And it is good.

Wheat bread. Apple sauce. Apple crisp. A crock pot of chili. More wheat bread. Spinach quiche. A crock pot of ham and green beans. Skillets of German fried potatoes. Chicken soup. Bowls of noodles in broth topped with sauteed green beans or okra and whatever protein is leftover, sliced thin. More wheat bread.

I like to feed people.


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