My girl is the best girl


Today after lunch Mimi and I sat down to play. We played with blocks for a long time and eventually I laid down on the floor to watch her build towers. She saw that I was “sweepy” and ran for a pillow to put under my head. Then she piled blankets on top of me and tucked in the edges.

Next she ran for her toy flute, and sat beside me gently blowing into it for a while. Not too loud at all.

Then she put one of her many plush frogs in my hand and told me several times “everything’s fine. Everything’s fine. Here’s your froggy. Go to sweep.” She ended the reassurance by kissing my arm (the only thing not covered in blankets at that point).

Then, and I had to work hard to suppress the delighted giggles because I was supposed to be “asweep”, she turned off the lights and sat beside me with a book, which she pretended to read aloud for my bedtime story.

It was frankly one of the most relaxing things that has happened to me in quite awhile. As good as a spa treatment. She has a special touch, my very special girl.


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