A summer enjoyed





Summer has had the biscuit. We’re looking at one undignified 90-degree day this week, otherwise the highs don’t surpass the low 80s and nights are 60 and below. Mimi and I are taking walks again, all the way to the koi pond sometimes, saying goodbye to the fish and the waterfall and the swingset before the inevitable cold weather comes. Sometime in July I reflected that I had thoroughly enjoyed summer, and indeed, I did. We all did. We went on field trips, took walks, swam in the kiddie pool, went to the zoo, and gorged ourselves on garden-fresh corn and tomatoes and green beans. We grilled hamburgers. We hosted friends en plein aire. We chased fireflies. We drank caipirinhas.

And now, we rest.


One thought on “A summer enjoyed

  1. Mimi looks adorable in her red tutu! I am ready for this new season. We are forecasted to be in the mid 70s today and that makes me very happy.

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