Summer doldrums


It just won’t quit. In the 90s every day until Friday, here, then a forecasted cool off that becomes progressively less cool as it gets closer. How can it not rain for over a month and still be so humid? It’s like a sauna outside. A sauna with crispy brown grass and dead flowers.

I have the late-summer blues. I just want to stay inside and look at pictures of fall and winter on Pinterest. I’m sick of sweating and ready for sweater weather. Please, please cool off already.


8 thoughts on “Summer doldrums

  1. Oh man – our 90 degree days with 80%+ humidity have been over for about a week – it’s been getting down into the low ’50s at night and it’s been dry and clear and highs in the mid-70s most days. PERFECT weather, which I feel we deserve after a summer of nothing but heat, rain, and humidity.

    I’m sorry fall hasn’t arrived yet in your neck of the woods. Hope cooler weather heads your way soon!

  2. Yeah…. we just had another hit of 90+ temps with high humidity, but then a giant thunderstorm rolled through last night and cooled everything off (shockingly – mostly the thunderstorms this summer just made things more humid). Tomorrow the high is supposed to be (wait for it…) 64 degrees!!! I can’t wait. I’ve been making soup and buying day-old bread all week. And I get to maybe even wear a sweater!

  3. Yeah, it was high in the seventies today here, too. So not sweater weather yet! But it’s a-comin’. I just hope it sticks around so I can wear tights and cute skirts with boots before it descends into the frigid jeans-and-wool-socks-only weather. Lol.

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