Bye bye baby room

Thirty months ago we put the finishing touches on the nursery. This morning we dismantled it, and in came the Big Girl Furniture. Ohhhhh my. Mimi is at school, and will come home to find her room completely different. I hope she freaks out in a good way.



As I drove her to school this morning Sparks broke down the crib. When I got back, I moved her old bookshelves and all the other stuff into the guest room and cleaned the floor.



At 11:00 the delivery van showed up. I walked around outside while they moved the furniture in, happening across two grasshoppers gettin’ jiggy with it and also some slime mold.




Then the delivery men were gone, and the furniture was in. Mimi’s beautiful new furniture, her big girl furniture, her gotta-live-with-it-till-she-moves-out furniture. My my.


Bye bye, baby. Hello, big girl.


4 thoughts on “Bye bye baby room

  1. Oh, I love it! The new furniture is gorgeous… I love the color!! Where is it from? I also love the quilt! Did you make it? I hope Mimi is liking her new big girl room.

  2. The furniture is from Land Of Nod. We don’t live near a store so it cost the earth to ship, but it was worth it! My mother made the quilt. Mimi went straight to sleep in her big-girl bed, hurrah!

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