What I love about autumn








Is there a single thing about autumn not to love? I mean, if you live in a place with extreme seasons, you are glad to kiss summer goodbye. You’re ready to open windows and take walks. You’re ready for fresh air and sunshine that doesn’t burn you to a crisp. You’re ready to not sweat. You’re ready for some deep hibernation-type sleep, the kind you can’t get in hot weather.

I love the leaves changing colors. Love, like crazy love, take a million pictures every year love. I love the winter fruit and vegetables coming in. I love wearing dignified long sleeves and long pants and socks again after all the months of summer over-exposure. I love the gentle tumble of holidays. The cool air stirs me spiritually–in the fall I want to get closer to nature, to do yoga, to meditate, to think deep thoughts. It also spurs me to make warm cozy things like socks and quilts. Unfortunately, it also spurs me to shop. Got to squirrel away sweaters and statement necklaces for the long cold winter ahead, right?

The phrase that has always come to my mind is “a turning inward”. We’ve been out of our burrows all summer, now it’s time to go back in and snuggle. The thought of being snowbound still seems romantic (unlike in February, when it makes me want to scream). It’s time to look for good things inside, both inside our houses and inside ourselves, after a long season of enjoying all the good things outside. It’s a time to rest.

Also, it means Christmas is coming. YAY!


3 thoughts on “What I love about autumn

  1. We are lucky if we get sunshine and warm temperatures in summer, but autumn is my favorite season too. The forest always smells so nice and it gets dark early so you can light candles. And I love hot cocoa. This year we had a proper summer for the first time in years, so I’m looking forward to the autumn even more. For now though I don’t mind it’s still warm enough to sit outside in the evening.

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