Morning glories in August







Late August. The armpit of the year. The cool spell is over, it is dry and roasting hot out there. It hasn’t rained for weeks. Maybe it will never rain again. Mimi complains when we get into the hot car. What are all those long-sleeved tops in my closet for? It’s been so long I’ve forgotten.

Almost nothing blooms now. Coneflowers, sunflowers, mint, rose of sharon, and the morning glories. The morning glories are a delicious delight.

Soon. In a month it will be cool again. Soon.


One thought on “Morning glories in August

  1. I am so over summer and my garden. Basically all of my plants got washed away from the tremendous amount of rain we received this year. I am very ready for fall, and cool crisp air, and pumpkins, and hearty chili and soups and stews, and pumpkin flavored ale, and cozy, dark evenings curled up on the sofa with a quilt, and I could keep going and going. What are some of your favorite things about fall?

    Oh, and your morning glories are so pretty and happy!

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