Amish theme park… no really

It seems like almost every state in the US has a sizeable Amish population; certainly every state I’ve ever lived in has. It isn’t unusual for there to be Amish-run and themed attractions for the English to enjoy. The one nearest us, however, is actually a park for the Amish to enjoy. And they were. See those buggies below? Those aren’t for show and those aren’t park employees. Those were half a dozen Amish women with a couple of dozen Amish kids, at the park for the day.



There were buggy rides and this little “train” ride.


A very nice playground with this gorgeous wooden train


Lets see the whole thing!


The playground had the little-kid stuff on the ground and this huge, very high big-kid platform with a steep slide for making quick exits


There was an old-fashioned boardwalk with stables…


And some false storefronts and workshops…


And a one-room schoolhouse. This one was fancy, with a teacher’s office and supply closet at the back.


There were goofy photo opportunities like this. Also pony rides, a petting zoo, several gift shops, an ice cream parlor, a restaurant, and a museum of Amish culture and history. Unfortunately it was a hot muggy day and none of us dealt with the heat very gracefully… still, it was an interesting little place.


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