Not much to show


Not much to show you… though I am doing a lot. This morning I washed a load of our white towels, and they came out day-glo yellow. I have no idea what happened. Either some unexpected rust was in the water and Oxiclean reacted strangely with it, or Mimi threw one of those water-soluble washable crayons in the washer when I wasn’t looking. I’m sick about it–I love my white towels–and am doing a long soak with detergent and more Oxiclean to try to rescue them.

I am crocheting my afghan. I am building up steam to sew the next shirt for Mimi. I scrubbed the bathrooms and made banana bread. I bought groceries. Dinner last night ended up being salmon, green beans, and butternut squash soup. The soup was improvised and successful. I skillet-steamed chunks of squash with white wine and curry powder, then blended it all up with chicken stock and a knob of butter. I served it with yogurt and toasted squash seeds and it was dee-lish.

Tonight was this quiche with garden tomatoes, bagna cauda and toast points. I think we are fed. It’s amazing what I have the energy to do when I’m not dealing with Mimi for the whole day.

The weather is unseasonably cool (about 65 at night and 80 during the day) but the humidity is so high that I don’t want to take walks. The summer is running itself out, though. In a month the temperatures will begin to cool down for real.


One thought on “Not much to show

  1. Sweet photo of the two of you! I am so sorry to hear about your towels. I hope the long soak did the trick. It sounds like you are making some amazing meals. I love spinach quiche, but I haven’t made one all summer…. maybe this weekend. Yes, it really is amazing how much energy I have when I have a day to myself. My daughter is really good at making sure I am totally exhausted by the end of the day. Oh, and the humidity is beyond unbearable here, too. It’s 9am and the dew point is already at 71 degrees – I’ll be staying in all day.

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