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I have more time and space to think and to make now. Sparks takes Mimi from 2-5 so I can do my thing. I am crocheting an afghan–another Simple Times afghan. This time I am trying Caron Natura in Light Green. The last one was made from Red Heart, and I made it in… is it really possible? 2003 or 2004. Ten years ago. I remember parts of the pattern though. Goodness.

I am also done with experimenting for Mimi’s winter clothes and am into the serious sewing. Here is the first little blouse. It’s yet another Oh Suzanna, with the sleeves lengthened by 7″ and the body pieces narrowed by 1″ apiece. I made the body 2″ longer, also, to give it a more smocklike feel and maybe extend its life to a second winter. I found pink spotted ribbon that matched the little pink toadstools on the print, and finished the bow with an owl button that I hope to goodness goes through the wash well.

My mother-in-law saw the taupe-on-white napkins I bought myself in May, and brought me some more. They were her mother’s. It isn’t the first time that her mother and I have liked the same sorts of things. I also have six dozen German glass Christmas ornaments… I’ve been afraid to use them what with the little rascal running around, but some year soon I will.

Yesterday everything tasted especially good. Have you had days like that? I had wheat toast and bacon and fried tomatoes for breakfast, roasted tomato soup and pasta carbonara (without bacon) for lunch, and a rotisserie chicken with caprese salad and sauteed sugar snap peas for dinner, and it was all sublime. Later in the evening Sparks and I started on the blueberry crisp–made with lime juice, because that’s how I do it–and it was exceptionally good also. Today things still taste good, but it isn’t quite the same.

Dinner tonight still hasn’t been decided upon. There will be sauteed brussels sprouts, but I don’t know if they’re coming with garlic sausage and pasta sugo crudo, or baked salmon and German fried potatoes.

2 thoughts on “Around the house

  1. What time can I come for dinner at your house? It all sounds amazingly wonderful! The blueberry crisp with lime juice looks delicious! And the baked salmon and German fried potatoes sounds just perfect for dinner. How do you make german fried potatoes!

  2. Slice potatoes thin (plain Idaho, not red ones), heat about a tablespoon of oil in a large skillet, dump them in and cook, stirring occasionally and covering between stirs, until they’re cooked and have some toasty bits. Salt and pepper, all done. Recipe from my mother who got it from her mother ad infinitum..

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