There and back again








Parks Audio LLC is now officially full time. To celebrate we took off to Cincinnati for the weekend to visit Sparks’ sister and go to a Reds game. Mimi swam in the pool, swung on the swingset, played with her cousins’ toys, and generally had a bang-up time.

And now we are home again, ready to figure out how our new lives and schedules are going to work.

Also, just a couple of days ago Sparks asked me for a definition of “photobomb”. That’s our brother-in-law demonstrating. Apropos, Rich, apropos.

2 thoughts on “There and back again

  1. Congrats on the new business!! It looks like you all had a fun weekend away! Mimi is so sweet sleeping in the car. And that’s a great photo of you and Sparks.

  2. Haaaa! I didn’t even notice the photobomb until you mentioned it because you two were so flippin’ cute in that photo.

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