Dreaming of teatime

My parents visited this weekend, and my mother wanted to hit the really good health food store in town for some more of her favorite peach rooibos tea, which has been discontinued and can’t be ordered online. She cleaned out the last of the peach rooibos there… and I got myself some extremely nice teas, too. I’ve been trying to cut down on my shopping, but oh well.

Ginger tangerine infusion

Teatime. I love the idea of teatime. Why don’t Mimi and I do teatime instead of snack time? Or is it the same, just infinitely less fun? The truth is she never wants to eat much in the afternoon and I shouldn’t be in the habit of eating in the afternoon.

Plum berry

Awake around 7, coffee and blogs in bed. Breakfast at 8. A morning spent outdoors, vigorously, taking a long walk or doing necessary shopping perhaps. Or is it a morning spent answering letters and otherwise conducting business? I’ve heard both. Lunch (or dinner) at 12. An afternoon spent doing the opposite of whatever was done in the morning. Teatime at 4. Some quiet time, a bath, then supper (or dinner) at 8, and eventually bedtime.

Kettle. Teapot. Teacups. Saucers. Sandwich plates. Teaspoons. Creamer. Sugar and sugar tongs. Lemon wedges. Tea safe. Strainer and strainer stand. Slop bowl. Tea towels. Napkins. Sandwiches: smoked salmon, cucumber, chicken mayonnaise, black forest ham. Scones, strawberry jam, gooseberry jam, orange marmalade, clotted cream. Frenchified dainties. Woolwork cushions. A roaring fire. *sigh*


2 thoughts on “Dreaming of teatime

  1. I love the idea of afternoon teatime! With the birth of the royal baby today, I am so wishing I was in England right now. Have you been? It’s on my list to visit some day and I cannot wait!

  2. Yes, I spent a week in London and Oxford in 2006. It was even better than I imagined. If Sparks and I are ever really, really rich we will move there. Until then… sighhhhhhh.

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