Can’t stop sewing

I made two more shirts for Mimi this weekend. The first was an experiment with a commercial sewing pattern, and it was a huge failure. The fabric was ugly (because it was experimental), the fit was boxy (because I faced the yoke, trying to avoid sewing any curved hems), and it was plain too big (because it turns out that while some of the seams were supposed to be 3/8″, many were also supposed to be 5/8″). I detest commercial sewing patterns. I have sliced 1/4″ off of all the pieces with 5/8″ seam allowances, though, and will try it again with an only-partially-faced yoke. Sometime. Not today.


The other shirt I made was this one. It is another Oh Suzanna smock, but I narrowed the front and back pieces by 2″ each and the sleeves by 1″ each. Pookie The First refused to put this shirt on, so I don’t know how it fits, but I suspect I’ll be happy with the sleeves and body… my only question is, is the neckhole big enough to go over her head now. Arrgh, so many things to worry about.

And some new fabric arrived on Friday:


This is a stack of Baby Jane half-yards. Love the colors and the simple patterns. One piece is printed tags, which I like.


And here is a stack of Winter’s Lane half-yards. I have decided that Mimi needs-needs-needs a little cardinal shirt to wear this winter. I wonder if my narrowed-down Oh Suzanna will fit over her head, and if it does, if I can cut one out of half a yard of fabric? Hmmmmm.


4 thoughts on “Can’t stop sewing

  1. Since it’s all coordinated I’d do some patchwork with it… pillow covers or a lap quilt or both. Or save some pieces in case I can make baby clothes again some day.

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