Shakespeare en plein aire

Five years ago Sparks and I went to our first Shakespeare play, at this open-air theater beside a 1920s Tudor-style mansion. It’s a lovely experience and one I would recommend to anyone, even if you’re worried about being bored by Shakespeare.

Our first play here was Titus Andronicus. It wasn’t boring. Neither was MacBeth which we saw last night. We had missed three consecutive summers in the haze and bustle of pregnancy-newborn-baby Mimi. I’m happy to report that we both stayed awake for the whole play this summer, though. Hurrah!


A choir sang madrigals as everyone picnicked on the green.


Why hello


Here is the outside of the theater. It doesn’t claim to be a replica of the Globe, but it is about the same size and has a thrust stage with seating on three sides just like the Globe.

Inside. Quite small. No standing gallery.

The stage had just been rebuilt of red cedar, and the heavenly smell permeated the whole theater.


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