Around here

Around here, the deck chairs are still set up from the Independence Day cookout.

Around here, I made a big pot of pasta and green bean salad dressed with garlic and lemon and pepper.

And around here I left the dressing off of a big portion for Mimi.

Around here the cat is grateful for whatever peace and quiet she can get.

Around here I am enjoying my new sewing machine. I made another Oh Suzanna smock.

I was fussier about ironing the seams and I added a ribbon detail.

Around here, every now and then the little girl falls asleep at naptime and has an awful time waking up. Poor little poopsie.


2 thoughts on “Around here

  1. Your pasta salad looks delicious… perfect meal for a summer evening! The smock for Mimi is so sweet! The fabric is gorgeous and the ribbon trim really completes it! I plan to take a “beginners” sewing class this fall. I do not sew, but I really want to learn. What brand would you recommend I start with for an “inexpensive” sewing machine? I’ll probably try to find a used one.

  2. I advise against Singer and Brother sewing machines. Singers are notoriously unreliable and my cheap Brother serger is really clunky and no fun to use. I’d go for a Janome. Some of them are in the couple-hundred dollar range. Of course, the more you spend, the nicer it will be to use.

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