Long weekend










After two days of celebrating we are now on our third day of doing nothing at all. Mimi and I went to a craft store on Friday. Mimi and Sparks took a walk down a secret trail in the woods on Saturday, and brought back a walnut and a cornflower. Today, we may all get cleaned up and take a field trip to a nearby estate that is open for tours today only. It’s funny to be American and to be able to type that there is a “nearby estate”. There aren’t many estates here.

I have made guacamole. I have made green salsa in order to make these very delicious enchiladas. I have made iced tea in a big blue glass jar. I have made almost no progress on the soft drinks left over from the party and think I will throw them out or send them to work with Sparks. I have made friends with my new sewing machine, a Janome DC4030, and made a little Oh Suzanna smock for Mimi, though it needs tweaks. The neck elastic needs to be smaller and more tightly enclosed, and the body on this pattern is very wide… maybe too wide. Altogether I’m proud to have made a wearable garment, though.


2 thoughts on “Long weekend

  1. I hope you enjoy your visit to the estate… it sounds like fun! Your cone flowers are gorgeous! I wish I would have planted some of those this summer. The enchilada recipe sounds yummy! I am always on the lookout for a new recipe. I am curious as to how you make your iced tea? I really want to make a fruity herbal iced tea this summer. And the smock for Mimi is adorable… love the fabric you chose.

  2. I pour boiling water over tea and let it sit until it has cooled down a little, then pour it into a pitcher of ice. The tea brews up strong, then the ice dilutes it. I used an old Adagio sampler here, Luzianne bags make better tea though.

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