I’m spoiled

My husband is a very kind person and he spoils me rotten. In the midst of his new self-employment venture, our fridge had to be replaced and my sewing machine had to be replaced and I went and bought myself a very nice new summer shoulder bag, and he hasn’t complained once. No, he has even explained to me more than once that it’s all fine.


Here is my new summer bag. It’s a fairly large tote from J. Crew. I originally got interested in it when cruising the web for Pinterest pins. I put up this tote and a matching clutch as a complete fantasy; their full price was completely beyond the realm of consideration. I liked the idea of putting a small bag inside a big bag and taking the small bag out when necessary.

Then the clutch sold out, and I felt relieved that the whole idea was thoroughly kiboshed.

Then the tote went on sale. For half the original price. Which put it within consideration… and I caved. I’m weak.

In this fantasy I am very tall and very thin, and by this point in my life also very much younger. I am boarding the steamer for a Nile cruise with my new linen wardrobe in black, white, and tan. I have a wardrobe trunk and a train case and a hat box that match.


In reality, this cavernous tote holds a diaper wallet, toddler toys, snacks, my wallet, and a small basket to contain my keys, phone, and sunglasses. And it is fabulous. And when Mimi and I go out she takes her pink Fisher Price purse (with the sound turned off) and we both feel satisfied with the situation.

Thank you for my birthday bag, Sparks *smooch*. You spoil me rotten.


2 thoughts on “I’m spoiled

  1. What a darling summer shoulder bag! I recently looked at J.Crew, but obviously missed this one. I have purchased and returned two summer bags from Nordstrom and have yet to find to right one.

    If you are in the market for a really great pair of shorts check-out J.Crew. I have purchased several pairs this summer and I love them. Oh, and they are on sale now.

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