Dark and stormy, warm and breezy

Last year we had such a drought that most of the 4th of July fireworks in the area were cancelled due to fire risk. This year is the exact opposite. In the last four days we have had three inches of rain dumped on us twice, and a couple fraction-of-inch rainfalls in between. I keep having to bail out the kiddie pool so it isn’t too deep for Mimi and so it is shallow enough to get warm in the sun. In between storms the temperature soars around 90F, though, so all the plants are supremely happy.






On Saturday I went to a nearby farmer’s market with two friends. We walked up and down the rows, buying ripe peaches and tomatoes, soaking in the weirdness (because that farmer’s market is the bastion of a pretty diverse community). I forgot to bring my camera. Then we drove to a nearby bakery and bought pastries. We sat at a small table in the shade and ate and gossiped while the temperature rose and the gentle breeze blew. I wore a turquoise sundress and kept smelling the ocean, even though we are thousands of miles inland. I guess it felt like a vacation. The dress, the dilly-dallying, the good food that I didn’t have to fix, and the warm, humid breeze all put me in that state of mind. I could live like that. Viva summer.


One thought on “Dark and stormy, warm and breezy

  1. That sounds fantastic! And it is good weather for plants. Here we had two warm days, but now the temperature has dropped to 57F… welcome to the Dutch summer? The plants are having none of it and insist it’s only spring.

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