Hooray for the hollyhock bed, it is really taking off. I have one of the old lipstick-pink hollyhocks from the other house, and it is big and beautiful and having babies. Last year I managed to get a few plants out of a packet of mixed seed, and it looks like they have all cross-pollinated. Let’s see…

Here’s a bluish-pink with raggly edges. The raggly edges may have been inherited from the ruffly white one that bloomed last year.

I just love this FABULOUS multi-color one.

This plain jane inherited her shape from the lipstick-pink one and her color, I suppose, from the seeded ones.

Here is the mama plant. It is the sixth summer she has bloomed for me. She’s getting old and I’m beginning to worry about how long she will keep coming back… but this year there is a baby plant that looks exactly like her. Hooray.

This ruffly white one grew from seed and bloomed last year, too. There is another one from last year that isn’t blooming yet. If memory serves its flowers are peach, and it is also a ruffly double.

This nearly-maroon one is very close in color to another of the hollyhocks from the old house. I wonder how that happened. Guppies and hollyhocks, there’s just no predicting how their genetics will play out…


One thought on “Hollyhocks

  1. I think the ruffly double one is my favorite. I can’t wait to have enough time in this garden to create beds for each kind of flower. Also: I wish I had better photography skills. Love the colors!

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