I always make unplanned quilt fabric purchases when we visit my parents. The guys go fishing in the evening and the girls go to quilt shops in the morning, that’s the modus operandi up there. This year I had just bought a lot from online stores, so my buying was more subdued than usual. Not a single precut!

This lovely poppy print cannot be anything but a little girl dress. Unless it could be a scarf for me.

I don’t like cheater cloth but I loved the colors and prints in this one, so I bought it. I’m not sure what I will use it for.

I cobbled together this little pile of reproduction prints. Quite a few of these are from an 1830s collection, so they make me think of Tasha Tudor. I am plotting a low-volume, queen-sized, all-reproduction quilt. Don’t hold your breath for it to be finished…

Two years ago I started making blocks for a Civil War reproduction pineapple quilt. I have about half the blocks done and was running short on colored prints for it… so I shored up that part of my stash.

There is now a TJ Maxx within striking distance of my parents’ house so we went there and I bought lots of big bars of soap. I adore big bars of soap and anything with coral on the packaging, so this was an obvious purchase.

There are also plenty of antique shops in the area, and we visited one. Sparks had told me to get myself something nice, or I would have talked myself out of this set of dinner napkins… but since he told me to, I bought them. They are gorgeous. The oyster-on-white and the restrained floral makes me want to squeal. Some part of my soul is ready for a little shabby chic.

Soap and embroidery together. Yum.


One thought on “Goodies

  1. I think the poppy print would be adorable in a summer dress for Mimi! I love the soap and pretty dinner napkins! I am really into shabby chic these days. I think I always have been, but I am finally giving into it… it makes me happy!

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