Interlude: then there are the perfect mornings


This morning made up for the (admittedly funny) chaos of yesterday afternoon. Mimi wanted waffles and we didn’t have any in the freezer, so I made waffles and fried some turkey bacon. Mimi shared her breakfast with me. She is big on wanting to eat together.

Then we put on gardening clothes (for her, a light cotton sundress and crocs) and went outside. I watered the flower beds while she sniffed flowers and poked bugs and stuck her hands in the spray. Then we went into the garden to pick a mess of sugar snap peas, which are at their peak now. Mimi followed me, calling out when she found a pod, then pulling it off and eating it immediately. “They’re sweet, mommy!”

When we had a bunch–certainly all we can eat in a day plus some for the neighbors–we went inside and she wanted to sit down and eat peas together. So we did. And here is photographic proof that my two-year-old approves of last January’s idea to plant a picking-and-eating garden. I am gratified.




2 thoughts on “Interlude: then there are the perfect mornings

  1. Came back for another look at your amazing Hollyhocks! The peas look delicious too. i enjoy reading about your adventures with your adorable daughter. They are quite similar to my days spent with my newly 4 year-old granddaughter.! They are both growing up so very fast aren’t they.

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