Home, home again

… I like to be here when I can.











I am home alone after our exciting little trip. I am running all the appliances and cleaning all the things. That’s always my second instinct when I return home after traveling. The first instinct is to take a shower and give Mimi a bath.

I am really loving home these days. The weather has given us a long pleasant spring with plenty of cool mornings to open the windows and a few hot afternoons to taste the coming summer. The flower gardens are blooming, Mimi is sweet and playful and so independent compared to a year ago. Pudding is fluffy and cute and always asking for love. My housekeeping routines are improving all the time, and I am cooking good dinners on most nights. I feel truly content.

Highlights: GOOSEBERRIES! Sparks’ bushes are big enough to provide a real crop this year. We had to pick them at the earliest possible moment so that the deer wouldn’t get them all. Because they’re so tart and so sparse, I think I’ll sweeten and fill them out with rough and ready custard when I get around to making a pie of them. Sparks and I spent a companionable evening leaning on each other, picking the stems and blossom ends off of them, after Mimi had gone to bed. Now they are in the freezer.

PEONIES! We have our very first peony blossoms ever. These came from my friend Diana’s mother’s garden three years ago. They did not appreciate being transplanted, but they have steadily gained ground and finally produced blooms… and what beautiful blooms. I have planted several bush peony roots in the hollyhock bed, and have three plants this year, but they still aren’t big enough to bloom. Soon, soon, soon.

4 thoughts on “Home, home again

  1. You have such a wonderful home it’s easy to understand why you’re happy to be back! (I’m always a little envious when I see your pictures, in a good way!)

    We have a whole bunch of light pink peonies almost in bloom. It’s such an exciting thing, because they really are the most beautiful plant we have in our garden.

  2. We just returned from vacation and yes, it’s always nice to come home! I am glad you are having a nice spring. Ours has been very humid and rainy. Your peonies are gorgeous… love the bright pink! Mine have already bloomed for the spring and I miss them.

  3. It is nice to live in a place where real estate is cheap so money can go to other things. There is a lot to envy about the Dutch climate, though, especially going into our super hot, dry, and yet humid summer…

  4. Gooseberries and peonies! I am jealous on both counts. My rootstock peony I planted 2 years ago finally came up last year, and was promptly weed-eaten by my fiance. It thankfully came up again this year, but no buds or blooms yet. Planted 3 more (yes 3!), all different varieties next to the house this year. So hopefully in a couple of years I will be replete with gorgeous peonies! I did Sarah Bernhardt, Sorbet (so pretty!), Shirley, and a darker pink single bloom – I forget what it’s called. Can’t wait to see them come up. I’ll have to settle for Icelandic poppies this year, if they ever grow more than a few inches….

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