Changing & staying the same





Being home all day with Mimi is an ever-changing challenge. Sometimes I feel like, as she gets older, the days are becoming harder and harder to fill. It’s probably not true, but memory is an elastic thing.

Lately when we’ve been out enough for the day and just want to relax, I’ve been putting a David Attenborough nature documentary on the television. It provides “company” that helps both of us concentrate on our own occupations and not on pestering each other, but isn’t so interesting that Mimi is “watching TV”. I remember the same kind of programs from my own childhood thirty years ago. Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom was the big one, of course.

I am doing some knitting from my stash. Just easy things, socks and neckwarmers. I’m in love with this basketweave neckwarmer, knit out of Valley Yarns merino in a sophisticated muted turquoise. The peacock blue is next; I’m thinking an embossed diamonds pattern. The sock has been on the needles for a long time. The yarn is Zauberball Crazy.


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