Sunday night





Yesterday at dinnertime I went Zero-to-Hero in under an hour. At five o’clock I realized that the leftover smoked pork roast from Saturday might have to be eaten plain again, because there was no cilantro for pork tacos and no barbecue sauce in the pantry for barbecue sandwiches. I figured we might as well eat leftover ratatouille with it… again. Sigh. Leftovers.

Even though we’re trying to eat lean (if not always clean), I impulsively mixed up a batch of fudge brownies because I’d been craving baked goods hard, and those at least come in a small batch. As they baked I inspected the fridge, looking for hope, and I found it. Zucchini! Feta! Green onions! Fresh herbs! Zucchini ribbon salad, hooray! And what’s that on the back of the shelf? The barbecue sauce! HOORAY!

So we had barbecue pork sandwiches (with the last of the leftover hamburger buns), zucchini ribbon salad (dressed with the lemon leftover from cocktail hour), and warm brownies with the last of the leftover ice cream. And then we watched The Muppet Show until Mimi’s bedtime. And it was a pretty dolgarned nice Sunday evening.

4 thoughts on “Sunday night

  1. Came home from a long hike today NOT feeling like making dinner or going to the grocery store. I looked in the fridge and saw leftover boiled potatoes, some fresh asparagus, leftover diced ham, and some gorgonzola cheese. With some leftover radish butter (butter creamed with minced radish leaves), an onion, and a little milk it made a divine hash.

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