Cutting flowers

It’s hard for me to cut my more beautiful, and precious, flowers. The way to get around that fear is to have some things that bloom in such profusion, I just can’t put a dent in them.




My twenty-odd Munstead lavender plants are getting big and having babies. Cutting a little nosegay of buds is no problem at all. I’m so glad that I went ahead and bought all those baby plants three years ago. Having lavender is a lovely thing.

The snapdragons from two years ago are still re-seeding themselves, though their numbers are dwindling. I’ll have to put down a fresh packet of seed next year. For color, they’re still my favorite flower ever. They should be, I named my blog after them!

But the real star for cutting is, again, the nigella. All of last year’s interesting pinks and greens are gone, it’s just blue and white this year, but that’s fine. They have re-seeded all over the sheltered hollyhock bed out back and are in full bloom right now. For once little Mimi can pick all the flowers she wants.

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