The blue curve

My favorite blog of all time ever is Posie Gets Cozy, and this post just hits it out of the park. Her garden pictures are so beautiful they hurt my heart a little. I love delphiniums, but delphiniums hate my garden. I want delphiniums (sigh).

Notice the beautiful golden tinge to the pictures in the blog post. I think I know how she does that. She uses the curves tool, goes into the blue curve, and pulls it down. I tried with a picture of my own, and it worked.

Here is my “green” columbine, which turns quite white in my garden. I’m glad I took this picture because the deer ate it last night.

And here’s my other giant allium, a white one. It caught a maple seed. The maple seeds have been falling like snow for four days now.

Iris <3. If you have some money to spend in your garden, spend it on some nice irises.

I don’t remember what this groundcover is called, but it is supremely happy in the patio bed and I have three of them. Love it.

And I have five of these mounding blue geraniums, which I hope will get bigger every year. The deer ate some of these last night, too.

Sometimes when Mimi and I are walking on the trail we’ll pass an out-of-towner standing dead still and watching deer in the woods. Usually they stop us and point out the deer with excited whispers. We are always polite.

Another iris.

And my favorite iris, a medium-height one with nice sharp contrast.

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