White shade garden

My “garden pictures” season is short but intense. Here comes another one.

We hadn’t done much with the north border of the house. It was already home to a large rose-of-sharon in one corner. We planted mint and oregano in the other sunny corner, and two gooseberry bushes in-between. The north side of the house gets no direct sun at all… it was a difficult spot and I wasn’t ready to buy hostas yet, so we just left it alone. Until this year.




Three blue-and-white hosta varieties. My first hostas ever. I love them an awful lot and I don’t even know what colors they’ll bloom. Oh well, it’ll be either white or lavender, right?


Astilbe has done so well in the similarly wet and shady garage bed that I put in three white-blooming astilbe here.


I had put in a few plugs of lily-of-the-valley last summer, not thinking anything except that if the border was going to be full of weeds I wanted to decide which ones.


Also from the groundcover, weed-control angle, some sweet woodruff which is supposed to spread like wildfire and bloom white. I love it and it’s already spreading after just a month in the ground.


Lastly, the gooseberry bushes, which have gotten huge and seem fairly happy. We might have enough berries to bake a patty-pan sized gooseberry tart this year.


4 thoughts on “White shade garden

  1. My parents used to have gooseberries in their garden – they’re also really lovely with some yoghurt and sugar.

    Our vegetable plot is not doing so well. It’s way too cold for this time of year and apparently we won’t get better weather until next month. It’s been raining for over a week now and quite a few plants have died. I did buy new seeds on sale, so if everything fails we’ll just start again! 🙂

  2. I envy you your cool weather… I know I was complaining about ours just a month ago, though. Enjoy your sweater weather while it lasts!

  3. It does make it easier to stay indoors and deep clean the house, sort out the administration and do laundry (which is what we did today), but the thing is that we’ve hardly had spring weather this year, and Dutch summers are notoriously rainy. I guess the ideal would be to meet in the middle!

  4. I love your hostas. I have the one in the third photo and it blooms lavender. Our house is north facing (never again will we buy a north facing home) anyway hostas are about the only thing I can get to grow out there.

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