Coupes and curves


I just read up on “curves” and what they do to an image. This is my first practice with adjusting curves myself. I like. I had been wondering what I was missing when I couldn’t get the contrast I wanted–I’ve known about levels for a long time, but it turns out there is more.

Anyway, these are my new coupes. They’re from the Hotel bone china collection by Macy’s. Sparks got me mugs, dinner plates, salad plates, and cereal bowls last Christmas. These are a great addition, especially since we eat a lot of salads, curries, stir-fries, and other things that need to be scooped to be eaten. If I was on my high horse I would say that the Hotel dishes are for dinnertime and my blue-and-white Johnson Bros. stoneware are the breakfast dishes. I am still too much in the habit of grabbing the blue-and-white things at dinnertime, though. I need re-programming.

It is a hot day here. Sparks and I spread mulch on the flower beds this morning. Now he and Mimi are both napping and I have a strawberry rhubarb crisp baking. This afternoon will call for a long session with Mimi’s water table, I think.


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