Summer is here. The temperature went over 80 every day this week. I blew up the water table Mimi’s aunt gave her, and she has been having a lot of fun with it. I sit on a deck chair and admire my gardens while she plays, occasionally directing her to water some flowers. On Friday we sat on the back deck in the shade of our hawthorn trees, which are blooming and so full of honeybees that they buzzed. The grass was lush and green, the blossoms were thick, the back border is filling in, and those hawthorn suckers Sparks cut to use as pea frames–oh my. Picturesque.

Today we went to a big party. Our friends Laura and Jonathan are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary, and both of their boys just graduated from college. All of Jonathan’s six siblings came. They rented a tent in case of rain. I’ve written about their very special house and garden before; today the orange poppies were in bloom, an unbroken semicircle around the front yard. Mimi wore a gingham dress and red cowboy boots. She soon discovered the goldfish pond at the very back of the garden, and led one person after another around the house, among the lily of the valley, between the lilacs, and to the pond. I wish I had taken pictures. Or maybe I don’t. Life isn’t just for photographing.


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