Purple beauties

I am so happy with my flower beds this year. A few parts of them are starting to look like they weren’t created and tended by a total incompetent. With three summers under my belt, I know what plants do well in each bed and how they will behave. Also, things are maturing, getting bigger every year.

The front beds are purple and white and lots of things are blooming in them now. The back beds, which are pink and orange, are mostly summer and fall blooming plants, so there isn’t much to show back there except foliage.

This lone giant allium took about ten days to open fully. I am told that they multiply… right?

What is this plant? I want more! The flowers look a lot like delphinium, but it grows out of a low mount of oval leaves, a lot like foxglove. Is it some weird cultivar of salvia? Lobelia? I can’t remember.

The taller a bearded iris is, the longer it takes to bloom. This clump, my oldest and most established, has three blooms open today and dozens more in the offing. The newer fancier ones from Schreiners are putting out about three blossoms each in their second summer, but none have bloomed yet.

These weird columbines. Why did I buy these weird columbines?

Probably because I was so pleased with these Winky Blue columbines.

The chives are a constant presence here at Low House. The blossoms have a mild oniony flavor and look beautiful in salads.

And pansies… why do I feel compelled to buy lots of pansies and take LOTS of pictures of them? I’ll just share this one with you. I took nine more.


4 thoughts on “Purple beauties

  1. Beautiful! We have a lot of lucky clover that made it out of the soil, but because spring was extremely late here the rest of the flowers still need a bit of time.

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