Yes, I think there is something here.

Summer clothes have had me wringing my hands. I hate my jeans and capris. They are too low-cut and they cut my post-pregnancy spare tire in half, giving me hideous bulges. I hate my t-shirts. They are too low-cut and show my bra, also they’re cheap and form permanent holes where Pudding makes biscuits when her claws need cutting. I have broken up with Old Navy.

My summer uniform, this summer, is “crops” and tanks from Coldwater Creek. I am being picky about colors and styles, because at almost-33, there are a lot of clothes there I love but also a lot that are not for people my age. Anyway, I’m dressing up my spartan uniform with statement necklaces. And I think I see one in formation.


11 thoughts on “Hmmmm

  1. I have broken up with Old Navy as well. Our relationship was d was the one-two punch of t-shirts for me that were so thin they were transparent last season (and let’s face it at my age-well past 33– that’s not enjoyable for anybody), and the leggings for the Six Year Old that would reliably tear on the first wearing.

  2. I’ll still buy my daughter’s clothes there but wow, the women’s clothes just aren’t age-appropriate for me anymore. I can’t describe how freeing it is to bend over and not worry about EITHER piece of underwear showing.

  3. Oh iPhone, don’t make me break up with you too. What I meant to say when my iPhone so rudely preemptively posted, was “our relationship was doomed by the one-two punch of transparent tshirts for me …” Etc.

  4. Thanks! Also–when you and I both decide to fund “The Movie Of My Life”, which of us gets to cast Tina Fey in the lead?

  5. I gave up old navy six years ago as they are not the best for spring summer. Other good stores I like are j. Jill and Christopher and banks even though they are a hour plus from my home. Clothes shopping becomes a journey but the quality is so worth it. Christopher and banks has the most sales and all prices are near or less than coldwater creek. What they don’t make I sew.

  6. I know exactly what you mean! What is it with all the low cut pants and jeans out there? They are so not me. I gave up on Old Navy after giving birth to my daughter. I need to look into Coldwater Creek. J.Jill is great for clothes and so is Ann Taylor Loft (I just found some great capris there, some cute tops and a great black, wrap dress!) I am very excited about my summer wardrobe! I’ll be wearing lost of capris and skirts this summer and the occasional pair of long shorts.

  7. I was pleased to find out that if you watch Coldwater Creek’s sales, the prices are the same as Old Navy. C&B is comparable or better? There is one of those at my local mall… hmmmm…

  8. Old Navy kept me hanging on with their higher-waisted “Sweetheart” jeans, but I’ve gotta be honest with myself, it just isn’t working. Nobody knows that my pants go up to my belly button if I’m wearing an untucked shirt… right?

  9. Yes, you are so right! My pants must go up to my belly button or they are just not comfortable… of course paired with an untucked shirt!! I am all about comfort!

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