Red trillium

It is a banner year for a lot of wildflowers. The spring has been perfect for them. Spring Beauty has been blooming for almost a month now, and Dutchman’s Breeches, Virginia Bells, blue and white and yellow violets, and wild phlox have created unusually thick carpets of blooms. I have even spotted a fairy-ring of wild salvia in a place it hadn’t ever been before.


But the flower to get excited about are the trilliums. The red ones are everywhere right now. Yesterday we took a family walk down the trail. Mimi’s goal was the swingset at the end of it, and she was impatient to get there. While Sparks annoyed her by periodically stopping to duck into the woods and look for morels, I annoyed her by stopping to point out every red trillium I saw. At one spot there were ten clustered together.


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