The garden in May

It has been cool and wet this spring, but the plants don’t mind. Things are growing and blooming and going bonkers… I wish it could be like this for the bulk of the year, instead of just a few fleeting weeks.














This time of year is so exciting. I find out what survived the summer and winter, what I planted and forgot about, and what has multiplied and where. It’s a surprise every year.

Yesterday was the annual used record sale that my husband looks forward to all year–he says he lays awake the night before, too excited to sleep, like a kid before Christmas. One of his buddies, his uncle, and two of his uncles buddies came down for it this year–and they brought his aunt, who hit a nearby outlet mall with me. It was fun to do some serious shopping and I came back with five no-nonsense neutral tank tops. It seems like they’ll go well with the several pairs of brightly colored summer pants I intend to wear, and also provide a good canvas for statement necklaces.

This morning it is wet and cool and delicious again. Mimi has eaten bacon, helped me pull weeds, and drawn with markers. I have no idea how we’re going to pass the rest of the day, but I’m sure it will be lovely.


2 thoughts on “The garden in May

  1. Love the purple petunias! All of your plants are gorgeous! We have also had a very cool, wet, grey Spring and after the flooding rains this past weekend, I really need to see the sun!

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