Getting the hang of it


We have successful macro mode shots with the new camera. Canon must have re-written their software (I mean, obviously, in five years they worked on it) because the camera chooses… different places to focus than the previous two. The previous two would almost always settle in on the center of a flower, while this one strays to outer petals. I think the results are good anyway.


I cut these daffodils on Monday when it was sunny and gorgeous. I knew rain was coming and they’d get beaten down and bedraggled outdoors and I was right. It’s another multi-day gloomy spell… a cold, wet, late spring. Oh well, the carrots and radishes and peas don’t mind, the wildflowers are coming up on schedule, and just maybe I’ll manage to grow sweet peas that blossom this year. I’ve been looking at Tasha Tudor’s Garden and feeling wistful. I suppose it’s a normal part of gardening to always want to tear out everything you’ve done and start over, right?


3 thoughts on “Getting the hang of it

  1. Those flowers look beautiful! All our vegetable plants are still indoors in little greenhouses waiting for the frost to go away. Do you have any advice on how to protect them from wildlife once they move outdoors?

  2. What kind of wildlife are we talking about? Our vegetable garden has an electric fence around it to keep deer out. The neighbors have dogs, and the deer don’t bother their garden. There are chemicals with names like “liquid fence” that you can spray after every rainfall to keep them away too. Rabbits are a bigger problem, fences aren’t much good to keep them out. You can try scare-eye balloons, mylar strips, or fake owls to scare them off.

  3. We’re talking a whole lot of birds, and cats. We tried the fake owl on the birds, but they weren’t impressed.

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