Earth Day (yesterday)

Yesterday, nature gave us a gorgeous Earth Day. It was in the high sixties with a pleasant breeze, sunny, and the flood waters from last week had receded from our nearby trail so Mimi and I took a long walk.


I took a lot of pictures of wildflowers, but I was letting the new camera cruise in Auto mode, and that was a mistake. For closeups I definitely need to manually set it to macro mode. Oh well. Mimi and I saw vinca, Virginia bells, Dutchman’s breeches, spring beauty, and some trillium foliage that hadn’t flowered yet. We saw six deer grazing in the woods. We saw a black squirrel. We crossed the bridge and listened to the bats that live inside it go squeak-squeak-squeak. Little Tootse, as you can see, walked part of the way wearing her smart froggie backpack/tether. She’s in no danger of running away while on the trail, but when she has it on she trot-trot-trots along with me, and when she doesn’t she dawdles. So froggy it was.


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