Pond colors

My aesthetic angst is getting less angsty and more enjoyable. I’m having fun putting together colors and patterns and textures that I like. I’ve listed a whole bunch of quilting fabric on eBay, by the way, and will be listing a lot of charm packs soon soon. Check it all out. Got to make room (and make money) for stuff I might eventually use, you know?


Yesterday I began knitting this cowl for myself out of stashed yarn in a scrummy blue-green pondlike color. This is Valley Yarns superwash worsted weight that I bought long long ago, before I knew Mimi would be a girl, meaning to knit baby things out of it. I’m happy that it’s come back to me. I’ll wear it longer than she would have.

I apologize for the pictures taken under my Ott light by the way. Don’t I know better? Yes I know better but the sun ain’t gonna shine anymore. It’s been raining and overcast all week and the forecast says it won’t ever stop.


For a while I boycotted Joann’s. Then they moved to a new location and started staffing the store with more than two employees at a time, so one has a fair chance at the cutting table. I’ve been going back sometimes since then, and like a particular shelf of prints right at the start of the quilting fabric section. These gray and white prints called out to me (and were darned affordable too).


And these pretty pond colored, one-color prints called out to me even more. So simple and so pretty. I’m trying to figure out what to do with them. I want to wear them. I have too many scarves and cowls and things to go around my neck already. Hmm.


And finally this cut, also from Joann’s, but more expensive. So sweet though. It looks like the fabrics my mother made my baby dresses out of. I’m going to keep this back until I know exactly what very special project to use it for.


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