A consistent aesthetic

Spring restlessness is upon me again. I want to do big things, but all I can get around to is dreaming about big things that feel like only small things orbiting a really big thing I can’t lay my finger on. Do you know what I mean?

Here, watch Mimi play dress-up while I ramble. Welcome to my life.

Great blogs, or the ones I consider great, seem to be written by people with art degrees who have a consistent artistic vision. Everything they like, or at least everything that gets on the blog, goes together well. Maybe Bauhaus is their thing. Or shabby chic. Maybe cutesy-poo, maybe colonial, maybe Scandinavian. The point is that a blog with a really great Scandinavian aesthetic sticks to that aesthetic and doesn’t start dabbling in Civil War reproductions.

Is it careful blogging? Is it self-discipline? Is it an artistic gift? Is it being unplugged from constant browsing of other blogs on the internet, thereby avoiding temptation to try something new?

And do I have it in me to have a consistent aesthetic? I did well for a lot of years with English country, then turned toward midcentury when I met my husband, then lapsed into nothing-at-all while Mimi was a baby. Now that it’s springtime and my brain has some fresh air rattling through it I want to get that focus back. Or do I? Isn’t it just window-dressing for real life? Does it really matter? I think it matters to me. I want to like the feel things have about them. I want things in my life to whisper to me.

So I’m in my midcentury house with my English country furniture, and I’ve been dabbling in Scandinavian/storybook/pastoral stuff. I dream about greenhouses, literally. Oriental carpets, shining furniture, curvy glass, ferns, rocks, muted blues and greens and browns, glistening wedding-ring china and rain on hydrangeas. I wonder if I’ll ever pull myself together.

One thought on “A consistent aesthetic

  1. I suppose the Vision thing depends on what the purpose is for one’s blog. If the objective is to be marketable for the aesthetic, then the vision is the brand, and it’s important to be consistent. I like reading your blog because of the glimpse into your live — which is interesting to me *because* it changes. I get a bit of a vicarious charge from seeing the things you create or showcase, since I seldom have the time to manifest whatever ideas are floating in my head. It seems like everything is always on the 5-10 year plan. Ah, well.

    I can’t really claim any sort of artistic vision or even much creativity. The Big Idea for whatever blogging I do manage is whether the information is useful for me to chronicle, consistent in voice, and something I really want to share with others.

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