Two years old

Can you believe it? I can’t.

Tiny girl on her second birthday

Baby girl on her first birthday

Baby girl on day zero

Two years goes so fast. Every day we can do more and more fun things… I can’t hardly WAIT for all the fun this summer!

We love you so much, little munchkin. You are a delight. At two years old you are speaking in full sentences, if you can believe it. “I want cereal and milk in a green bowl, mommy.” “This a giraffe not a snake mommy.” “I got boogies inna nose, mommy.” You seem to know letters, too. A few days ago we went to Hobby Lobby and you looked up at the sign and said “H, B, L, O.” You remember so much about your books that we get the eerie feeling you can read. You can run, sing along to several songs, and stack eight Play-Doh cans on top of each other. We love you SO much, darling girl. Happy birthday.


3 thoughts on “Two years old

  1. Oh, she is so cute and Happy 2nd Birthday!! They grow too fast! My daughter turned four years old today…if only I could keep her little forever!

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