A golden week

Mimi and I have come to the end of a golden week. Last week she couldn’t rest because of her cough, and was a hot sticky mess because of it. Last Friday night, though, she fell asleep and slept silently for twelve hours. On Saturday morning, she was a brand new girl.


Her sweet demeanor was back, magnified by being so happy to feel happy, and her appetite was back, oh my goodness. She wolfed down two scrambled eggs and a waffle for breakfast, and the eating train didn’t slow down until yesterday. Breakfast the INSTANT she woke up in the morning. Last minute bread-and-butter at bedtime. Roast chicken, chicken nuggets, pasta, crackers, fruit, green beans, cheese and yogurt and milk all day. Yesterday morning she woke up and I reflexively fixed eggs and toast… and she slowly ate the toast and just picked at the eggs. I guess she’s done making up for being sick.

She’s still sweet, though. She wants to be in my lap all the time. She wants hugs and kisses and tickles and cuddles. She sits through a whole Berenstain Bears book. When I put her to bed she softly sighs “go to bed… fall asleep” and does so. I love this little girl.


To cap off our golden week, we hit the mall. We played on the playground and climbed in and out of the coin-operated cars (too scary to have them actually move, at this age). Then we rode this gem. Mimi sat on a white horse and told me the names of the other carousel animals as I stood beside her, holding her around the waist. Then the carousel began to move. Equal parts terror and delight from both of us… and some sentimental mommy tears. I LOVE this little girl.


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