The little scientist

I bought a pile of secondhand Eyewitness books on eBay, and they are a big hit. Mimi had become obsessed with some packs of science-related flash cards I bought in Target’s dollar aisle last summer. That was great, but handling the flash cards was high-maintenance entertainment and cards were always getting lost and folded anyway. The Eyewitness books were supposed to replace them, and they have.


These books are so beautiful. I enjoy looking at them as much as Mimi does. I hope she keeps enjoying this kind of thing as she gets older. We can fill plastic divider boxes with specimens we pick up on walks, we can press leaves and flowers, she and Sparks can get a telescope, even… um… are insect collections still politically correct? Hm.

Anyway, the books are great, and I’ll never get tired of hearing that baby voice lisp “nebula… black hole… milky way galaxy”.


2 thoughts on “The little scientist

  1. You’re never to early to learn about the universe. I had a special atlas of the universe when I was younger and I loved looking at all the pictures of the stars and planets. It’s still a favourite memory!

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