The coffee droid

If my Samsonite is Mimi’s friendly droid pal, then this is our temperamental Italian droid.


The coffee is wonderful. Every day I have at least one latte and Sparks has at least two. I experimented with Moka pots and French press before I met Sparks, and believe me, this beats them all hollow. His first one lasted six years. This one, we hope, will last as long and compared to the cost of Fourbucks lattes, it has already paid for itself many times over.

It is temperamental though. Water full? Coffee full? Grinds compartment empty? Pump primed? Did you replace everything just right?

Luigi and I are just coming to terms now, about two years into his life with us. Usually I can make him work without calling Sparks. Usually.


2 thoughts on “The coffee droid

  1. I’ve never taken to coffee. I tried some when I was a freshman in college back in 1972 and promptly spit it out. Horrible stuff! But how come such horrible stuff smells so good?………

  2. I had to teach myself to like it, starting with syrupy sweet mochas, but now I love it. An acquire taste I guess.

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